When it comes to wheel finishes which is best? Chrome is probably the best wheel finish, in that it’s easy to maintain, durable, sturdy, and won’t wear as much as other materials. It’s also easy to take care of, regardless of the weather conditions you live in, and as long as you clean and maintain them, your new wheel finishes should last. However, there are benefits to other wheel finishes you should consider.

Wheel Finishes Which is Best

Here we will cover various wheel types and finish materials. We will discuss how easy they are to maintain, how they hold up in different conditions/weather, and how to properly clean your new wheel finishes.


Wheel Finishes Which is Best
Wheel Finishes Which is Best

Chrome wheel finishes are the material you’ll customarily see on cars from the manufacturer/dealership. People like this finish because:

  • It’s easy to clean/wipe and take care of.
  • It holds up well in different weather.
  • They don’t require much maintenance.

Chrome is a little difficult in snowy regions because the salt (applied to roads) can cause peeling or chipping of the finish. However, if you cover the wheels when parked and wipe them regularly, you can preserve the chrome-finish over time.


This type of finish utilizes a dry paint and heating technique to coat the wheel. It’s rust-proof, peel/chip-proof, and resists scratches easily. You can choose from multiple colors as well, however, you shouldn’t recoat, as this can damage the wheel. Brake dust shows up on these wheel finishes, so they have to be cleaned regularly.


This wheel finish, such as with forged wheels, utilizes a bare-alloy metal, making them tough to maintain and preserve. They corrode easily so they aren’t a great choice for snowy regions. The finish of machined wheels also allows dust to buildup, so they have to be cleaned routinely to extend their lifespan.


With this finish a wet paint and clear top-coat are applied to the wheel You can select from endless color varieties, so this is a popular option for owners who want a custom-tailored wheel finish to match their custom drive. Mild soap and dry cloth should be used to wipe off dust and debris regularly. As long as they’re properly sealed, painted wheels are safe in most regions/weather conditions.


This is a popular option because it’s attractive and looks good from a distance. However, these wheels typically don’t come with any warranty/protection and are difficult for owners to maintain. They chip easily. If you live in snowy or rainy conditions, this material isn’t advisable, as it’s tough to maintain, and it’s prone to damage. Lack of warranty and extensive maintenance make this a choice that many vehicle owners avoid when choosing their wheel finish.

To Summarize

When asking about wheel finishes which is best, there are several materials you can choose. You’ll want the wheel type to fit the type of tire you’re going to be using as well. Regardless of the material you choose, it’s important to regularly clean, maintain, your car, which is why it’s important to replace a cracked windshield, and have a proper warranty to keep your car in pristine condition. You should also know how to protect the car’s wheel materials, to prevent damage after installing your custom wheel finishes.

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