What Are Forged Wheels?

What are forged wheels? What sets them apart from cast wheels? Surely, during your search for the best wheel material for your car, you might have bumped into the forged wheels vs. cast wheels debate, and wondered which is the best one for your automobile – or even if their “offspring,” the flow forged wheels, are the best solution to end this debate. Truth be told, the answer is not complex, but it rather depends on what you’re looking for, such as material, affordability, etc., so instead of asking yourself “what’s best for you”, you should ask “what are you looking for”, “are forged wheels worth it”, or even “am I willing to invest in cast wheels instead”. After you’ve asked yourself these questions, scroll below and find your answers!

what are forged wheels

What Are Forged Wheels?

So, what are forged wheels? There are two types of forged wheels that include machine forged wheels and mold-form forged wheels. These wheels or rims are known to be a more luxurious option compared to cast wheels for your tires.

Cast Wheels

Cast wheels are made of molten aluminum, which is later trimmed and drilled until it takes the shape of a wheel. Although this makes for a cheap material – and thus into an affordable option –, the process to make cast wheels comes with one big massive flaw: porosity. Porosity means that there’s physical space inside the cooled material, which allows for weak points to form.

Despite this, cast wheels are not terrible, as some people say. If they’re made properly and without much porosity, they’re a good investment. In fact, they’re fit for street use and light track use (heavy track designs are a different story, however!), so if you want something cheap and for light use, these are the best for you.

Forged Wheels

There are two types of forged wheels: machine forged wheels and mold-form forged wheels. Machine forged wheels are made of aluminum subjected to high temperatures and pressure until they become a compressed structure which is later cut into the desired shape. Mold-form forged wheels, however, get their shape molded during the process, which makes them far stronger than the machine forged ones.

These two wheels lack the porosity that cast wheels have thanks to the pressure and heat they undergo, so they’re stronger and lighter than cast wheels. However, you can imagine they’re not as cost-effective as cast wheels!

Flow Form Wheels

Flow form/flow forged wheels are the middle ground between cast wheels and forged wheels. Basically, the process starts with a cast wheel made purposely narrower than usual, then stuck in a machine that compresses and stretches the barrel of the wheel, resulting in a forged-like barrel strength and weight.

As you can imagine, the price and quality of flow forged wheels are between cast wheels and forged wheels; that is, they’re neither weak nor pricey. These are excellent options if you want the best of both worlds!

So, to sum it up…

Do forged wheels bend?

Although strong, forged wheels are made to bend – and they will if they’re severely hit. Although this sounds like bad news, it’s actually something good: they’ll be easier to fix than cast wheels! Consider the forged wheels if you’ll be driving on light tracks to avoid this, though.

What is better forged or cast wheels?

Forged wheels are soldiers because of their creation process and because they are easier to fix, whereas cast wheels are stronger and cheaper. Both are good in their own ways, but if we were to recommend one, we’d go for the forged wheels; in the end, they prove to be a good investment.

What are flow forged wheels?

Flow forged wheels are a mix of cast and forged wheels. They’re cast wheels which were spun and pressured until they became stretched and compressed, thus increasing their tensile strength. Because of this, their quality and price oscillate between those of the cast and forged wheels.

Bottom Line 

So now that you know what are forged wheels, what sets them apart from cast wheels and what makes them alike to the flow forged wheels, there’s still one question on the table: are forged wheels worth it? The best we can give you as a response is…it’s up to you! Don’t let the forged wheels vs cast wheels debate cloud your vision! Both respond properly to your budget and needs. Do you want a reasonable price and strength above all? Then cast wheels and flow forged wheels are the way to go. Are you willing to spend some money on quality driving instead? Then go with forged wheels! This is mostly a personal matter, so pick what suits your lifestyle the best when it comes to different parts of your car such as the windshield and more when making an appointment. Regardless of what part of your car you’d like to switch up, make sure to ensure that there is a warranty that you can fall back on if anything happens. 

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