Muscle cars are called that way because of their high performance. If you own one, you will know how amazing they are. But astonishing as they naturally are, you can make some improvements to achieve more remarkable performance. In regards to suspension upgrades for muscle cars, you will never run out of choices.

Suspension Upgrades for Muscle Cars

There are many types of car suspension. Which one would you go for – change the whole kit or just make some adjustments here and there? Here is a list of what you can (or should) consider when it comes to upgrading your muscle car’s suspension.

How to Improve Old Car Suspension

If you are new to the suspension upgrading world, the stock parts are a good place to start. For older muscle cars, it is recommended to do some upgrading of the basic items first. Start with new suspension bushings, ball joints, and other maintenance stuff and proceed to do refinements to improve the performance of older stuff, like upgrading to stronger control arms for greater demands.

For cars that push tons of horsepower, bigger brakes are a given. So you will need to upgrade your brakes and brake lines if your engine power has gone high. Do note that some of these changes will work with aftermarket parts while others won’t.

Bolt-in Clips

Suspension Upgrades for Muscle Cars

The next step is to go for a bolt-in aftermarket kit, provided your muscle car can handle it. For instance, a new bolt-in front crossmember with new stuff such as control arms and pivot points will surely be a lot stronger and function better than stock. Plus it can also be customized for any motor you want. Extend that to the back for a four-link suspension and you will get to enjoy more handling fun.

These performance suspension kits are not necessarily cheap, but they sure are a big upgrade to your car. So while earlier muscle cars sure bring some fun, stock suspension is not as appealing as the said upgrade.

Sway Bars

Throwing your muscle car around some corners sounds fun, right? Well, you will need more robust front and rear sway bars. Having beefier sway bars will reduce the tendency of your car to lean in the corners and maintain the vehicle flat as you take wide turns. You can easily purchase bolt-in replacements, which are considered a substantial upgrade on factory models.


Want the ultimate upgrade for your muscle car suspension? Go for coilovers. Coilovers replace the stock coil and spring combo with an adjustable single unit. This way, you have the liberty to choose the ride height you want to sit. Add in some kits and you can also modify and tune the shocks to your preference.

Coilovers are the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to suspension upgrades. It said to be the ultimate tuning upgrade because it allows you to dial in your suspension. You literally can tune it the way you want – for comfortable driving or a wilder day on the track.


Want something showy on your suspension upgrade plan? Airbags are the answer. A variety of kits specially designed for handling and muscle cars are available in the market. Enjoy greater handling in the corners, plus the ability to adjust it as the situation calls for it.

So, it is air suspension vs coil springs! If you are looking for performance, any of the two will do.  If you prefer simple, coilovers are the way to go, as airbags have an air of complexity that not everybody will embrace.


How Long Does a Car Suspension Last?

Certain factors affect the longevity of a car suspension, making it virtually impossible to mention a specific number of miles or years. However, a minimum of four to five years’ lifespan can be expected for shock absorbers or struts.

What Happens if Your Car Suspension is Bad?

A bad car suspension is unsafe because it will cause an unbalanced and unstable feel when driving, which can lead to you losing control of the vehicle. Losing control of your vehicle can cause you to have to replace other parts of your car, such as the windshield. The suspension system is responsible for giving you driving comfort for a less bumpy ride, and traction to keep the wheels on the ground. Like any other machine, suspension parts could deteriorate over time and you may start to notice signs of bad suspension springs. 

Bottom Line

Deciding on what suspension upgrades for muscle cars you can apply to yours can be overwhelming due to the many options you have. There are also several variables to consider, so even if you have the money, there is no certain way to pick the best upgrade. Why not take a step back and consider this guide we made; hopefully it will help you. It could be a long ride, but at the end of the day, when you see the finished product, it will all be worth it.

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