Do you know how to lower your car suspension? It is easy to assume that everyone knows this simple task. Yes, it is simple on paper but once you start you can get lost in the way. So you know; there is a load of things to figure out and deal with them one by one. 

How to Lower Your Car Suspension

If you hardly know your way around the car suspension, this post has your back. It will take you through the steps of lowering the suspension system. Once you read it to the last bit, you will be an expert of some sorts. 

Start by Figuring Out Your Car’s Type of Suspension

If you know your car very well, then you should know the type of suspension you’re lowering. Some cars will have suspensions based on struts. Other suspensions do not use struts, instead their shock absorbers and coils come separately. The approach of lowering the entire suspension will be different. 

With a little help searching online, you can piece up information on how to lower your suspension, but do not trust everything you come across. You should have the basic knowledge to get all this right. 

Purchase the Necessary Parts

Again, the type of suspension will play a big role in what parts you end up buying. However, you will definitely need most of these parts;

How to Lower Your Car Suspension
How to Lower Your Car Suspension
  • Control arms
  • Drop spindles
  • Leaf springs
  • Springs
  • Struts or shocks
  • Lowering blocks
  • Leaf spring hangers and shackles

Well, don’t take this to be the complete list because cars are different just like their types of suspensions. The front suspension components may also differ from the back. You can get them affordably and you are ready to do the job. But springs may not allow you to lower the suspensions to your desired height. That means you will have to turn to shock absorbers or struts. Whatever you go with, be sure not to take the suspension too low. You may not like the rough ride you get afterwards. Also be on the lookout for any signs the springs may be bad.

Consider Coilovers

The traditional suspension gives you both shock and coil all in one. But with a coilover you get extreme adjustability. The entire suspension assembly runs on a thread and you can adjust it up or down as you wish. This means you can adjust the suspension for the car to lie on the ground in a showroom. You can as well adjust the suspension system to support a truck as you wish. In a nutshell, you are not limited to anything. With coilovers, you will be getting more speed to your car. You will also have options to how much you can drop the suspension. The decision is all yours now. 

Bottom Line

How to lower your car suspension should be the biggest question. Once you figure that out, the rest is going to be easy. Remember to purchase the necessary parts before you begin lowering your suspension. Also, if your suspension starts to squeak, make sure to repair it before the damage worsens. 

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