There is a lot of misinformation around the subject of suspension springs. It can be misleading and land you into hefty repairs if you aren’t too familiar with it. It is time to get things right, starting with the signs of bad suspension springs. 

Signs of Bad Suspension Springs

Do not get lost in the sea of misleading information about suspension springs when this post is here to tell you the truth. You will learn about the early signs when it is not all good with your suspension units. You will also know how to make a precise diagnosis and when to do replacements.

Abnormal Tire Wear               

Your tires are supposed to wear evenly unless the suspension is pulling a first on you. When the suspension springs are gone, your tires will have to deal with more pressure than they are suited for. You will notice accelerated tire wear. Things will get out of hand if you do not act swiftly to replace the springs. 

The Suspension Cycle Becomes Shorter

You can tell when your suspension cycle is getting shorter. It goes up and down in a flash. It is a clear message that the springs are not as they should be. It could be bouncing a lot more when you hit holes or bumps. The problem is transferred to the shocks, which will, in turn, fail to do their job. It is a chain of problems and will only stop when you replace the springs. 

Your Vehicle is Physically Leaning to One Side

A lot of times, cars or trucks lean to one side. Several reasons could explain why this is happening. It could be that your vehicle is overloaded, and most of the weight is on one side. It could be signs of your car aging, and this is how it breaks the news to you. However, the most likely problem is with your springs. They are worn out, and they would like some relief. Before you carry any other load, have the springs checked and replaced if they are the problem. 

Bottom-Up Sway Around Corners

It should not be a problem with your ride when you get to a corner. You lean towards the angle of the corner, and you come out on the other end without any instance. That is how things should be. However, if you get to a corner and in the middle of it, your car’s bottom goes up, and you are not speeding, suspension springs are bowing out. It could be dangerous if you were speeding. You do not want to be holding your breath every time you get to a bend. Have your springs inspected and the necessary action taken.

Bottom Line 

Vehicles have a universal way of telling you about problems. One such code of communication is the signs of bad suspension springs. When you see any of these symptoms, do not sit and wait to see what happens. It may not be pleasant. You are putting your life in danger. You will also incur more repair costs for your tires, windshield and overall car if you wait. Act today and let your auto mechanic or suspension specialists fix your suspension springs problem.

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